Marketing Campaign Management







      • Add particular contacts to a marketing campaign
      • Search for targeted marketing leads based on:
      • Previous marketing campaigns
      • Purchase history
      • Geographic location
      • Referral source
      • Job role
      • Company
      • Job title
      • Previous event attendance
      • Particular types of contact from staff (eg: types of inquiry, support, sales, phone calls, emails, etc)
      • Previous contact with particular staff members
            • View a list of all targeted campaign members including their name, company name, email address and preferred phone number
            • Record a cost for each campaign
            • See at a glance, the sales amounts generated for each campaign for return on investment (ROI)
            • Export targeted contacts for each campaign
            • Attach files to a campaign
            • Mark each stage of the campaign including when contacts are exported and when marketing communications have been sent
            • View the history of each campaign and which staff members were involved
            • View all marketing campaigns an individual customer has been a part of

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